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Tanzania Trip Testimonials

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“In Tanzania, I grew. I offered my skills as a Physical Therapist to children with various congenital disease, to adults with amputations, and to individuals with various wounds, infections, and movement disorders. What I really did was grow, and that’s why so many others should make the trip. You grow in love, compassion, skill, & ability. You never come back from these trips the same.”

– Kandace Burton

Arriving at the STEMM guest house was like returning to my second home. The beloved staff there are beyond helpful and friendly. I taught art and music to STEMM kids; music and English grammar to Pieralba Primary School; and English grammar at Star High School. STEMM kids attend Pieralba and Star.

– lynn Johnson

“To be honest, I did not know what to expect before leaving for Tanzania. I was just excited for a new experience. However, it turned out to be so much more. Not only have I learned a lot about who I am, I also feel as though I have grown so much in my walk with Christ.”

– Krist Harthoorn

My first impression of Tanzania was the beauty of the children, people and the country.  In America, we are so affluent and don’t appreciate the little things in life.  I saw first hand the joy and faith expressed by the people even when faced with having so little.  The trip was a blessing from God that has strengthened my faith and helped me in my appreciation of those daily blessings.

– Michele Dettmann

“I had the pleasure of practicing social work skills I have learned as a student of Briar Cliff University, and expanding that skill set through hands-on experiences. The people of Tanzania and my professor gave me the opportunity to facilitate groups with orphan children, train mamas at an orphanage, and co-present at Nelson Mandela University.”

– Amanda Asay

“The faith that is present among these people is an example I can personally look up to. They have every reason to doubt God, but instead they praise Him for what they have been given and continue to trust whole-heartedly in Him for tomorrow.”

-Mariah Spady

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