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Community Development

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The Spirit-Led, Relationally driven, mission of STEMM extends to the community and villages around STEMM Children’s Village. 

STEMM has been involved in community outreach by building bridges, constructing houses for teachers, and conducting teacher training workshops.  At Mbuguni clinic, STEMM has also supported the medical care and put up a first-class maternity birthing center. 


In 2017, a partnership began between local primary schools and STEMM to provide one hot meal to each child per school day. School administrators and parents donate beans, maize and firewood. STEMM donates money to build a kitchen, pay the cook’s salary, and buy cooking oil and salt.  As of January 2019, we work with 7 schools feeding 4,300 students. The program affects attendance first and foremost. Children who know they have a meal are much more likely to go to school and be more attentive and engaged. In the past there has been hesitation for families to send their children to school as household duties and chores take priority. Other children would leave to go to school but end up begging during the day or spending their time away from home, yet say they were at school. This program works in partnership with families and school administrators to produce meaningful collaboration and student improvement. If students are in class more, they are more likely to spend enough time on lessons, learn the information, and graduate. We have seen incredible improvements in attendance and Standard 7 (Primary) graduation rates.  Graduation rates have improved from 38% to 90%. Passing or failing primary school carries enormous implications for the future of the child. Those that pass move on to Secondary School, whereas those who fail are destined to a life of unrealized potential. This program helps challenge the status quo and pushes for positive change, but most importantly invests in the future generation of Tanzanians.


STEMM realized that clean water was not available in the villages, so upon the initial building of STEMM Children’s Village, we began the well and water tank project, by providing water piped to the outside community. At the Mbuguni and Tanzanite schools, the construction of a well and water tower provides clean water for school children and for the school’s farmland for irrigation.


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