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What is STEMM?



Mission Statement: Changing Lives for Christ through Compassionate Caring

Vision: Develop Tanzania into a Vibrant Christian Community

Core Values: Christ, Compassion, Caring, Commitment, Change

STEMM is an inter-denominational Christian ministry.

STEMM was founded in 1996 and organized in 1997. The founders, Dr. Steve Meyer, Rev. Jon Gerdts, Mike Boose and Lazaro Nyalandu, led a group of 10 Siouxland residents on the first trip to Tanzania in 1997.

From that experience, Dr. Meyer and his wife Dana were inspired to find a means to provide ongoing assistance to the beautiful and desperate children of Tanzania. They also felt compelled to facilitate a means for others to experience this life-changing journey.

STEMM was specifically created to develop a relational bridge between Siouxland and Tanzania by addressing the priorities of spiritual growth, medical care, and educational opportunities. In building this relationship, the overwhelming AIDS orphan crisis was one that was brought to our attention and today is an integral part of the STEMM ministry.

Since inception, STEMM groups have traveled to Tanzania on a semi-annual basis – January and July each year. As the demand grows, so do the number of trips. It is through these “hands-on” mission trips that many Christians from all denominations and all walks of life have experienced life change and renewal in their own personal spiritual journey.


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