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Tanzania is an incredibly agrarian-dependent society. Yet the vast majority of agriculture is at a bare sustenance level. We have been provided with an incredible opportunity via our orphanage location on 100 acres of rich fertile land with two highly productive deep-water wells. Our farm has demonstrated that we can grow almost anything. Our dream is to turn our orphanage farming endeavor into a highly profitable business that can support our many philanthropic and community development projects, while also serving as a learning center for local farmers, agribusiness companies, and governments.

The vast majority of local farmers till the soil and produce like their ancestors’ generations before them. If we can introduce alternative crops, teach modern farming practices and open markets for cash crops we can potentially transform all East Africa. Our farm would be a modern agricultural technology learning center.

We believe that with the proper partnership with institutional centers of higher learning, USDA and agribusiness companies that much of the agribusiness financial opportunity which currently is lost to other countries can be captured in Tanzania. For example, it is estimated that up to 70% of sunflower oil production is lost due to inefficient processing practices. We can make a difference in this Tanzanian industry, and many others by introducing modern value-added processing practices.

We have a dream to turn our farming endeavor into a business which supports our mission, educates local business, and transforms the agricultural industry in Tanzania
— Dr. Steve Meyer, Founder of STEMM

We believe that through these efforts, we can bring the USDA, USAID and the Tanzanian government together to address the lack of proper nutrition proteins and micro nutrients available in the diet of Tanzanian children. Our ministry has always worked to better the lives of Tanzanian children in any way we can, and our agricultural ministry is no different. These children are the future of Tanzania and improving their nutrition will improve that future.

We have a dream that farmers, agribusiness companies and governments from across East Africa will come and visit this farming oasis. We know that when people see the Christ-centered activities and the “why” behind them, hearts will be opened to the message of God’s love for all.

We have big dreams for our 100 acre farm, and we need your prayers, input, advice, your connections, and your financial assistance in seeing these dreams turned to reality.


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