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BannistersTim and Dianne Bannister serve as Tanzanian Agricultural Director and the STEMM In-Country Director, respectively. Their prior experiences have prepped them for these individual roles.
Early in their ministry at Rift Valley Academy, Tim helped start The Gift Boy’s Home in Limuru, Kenya. Since that time over twenty years ago, the home has rescued about a dozen boys; raising them, helping them obtain trade educations, and launching them into life. One of the ways they did so was by teaching the boys to work a garden. Each boy was given a 4m x 4m plot and fifty percent of what they grew was theirs to market for their own profit, and fifty percent was used for the children’s home. Tim hopes to use this technique to make better use of the 80-acre plot while teaching the children how to farm and improving the environment.
“I believe that farming responsibly, ensuring that children live abundantly, and caring for the environment is as Christlike as one can get, and the sort of community outreach against which there is no law. I think that this is the first step – to get a farm functional enough to provide well for the children’s home and then to demonstrate responsible farming to the local community.”
Tim has also worked closely with farmers, Somali refugees, and others. He is a certified Trainer of Trainers in Farming God’s Way and will soon be certified as a design consultant in Permaculutre.


Diane has worked in hospital out-clinics in Maasailand with AIC Kijabe Hospital, and has also worked in the Rift Valley Academy Student Health Services for years. She recently completed course work for her Masters in Public Health Leadership, and is heading to Uganda this month to defend her thesis. She is also gifted at administration and bookwork, as evidenced in her years of working as a book-keeper for Canadian Baptist Ministries for the Kenya field. She is a registered nurse in Kenya, and has also worked (as part of her registration process) at Nairobi Hospital. She hopes to use her gifts and talents to coordinate clinic activities, medical training and outreach, and to hopefully start a dialogue with local clinics and hospitals on the issues of maternal and child health.

As In-Country Director and Tanzanian Agricultural Director they will be responsible for managing and directing the activities of the STEMM Children’s Village, overseeing the farming operations to bring about optimal production, providing oversight of the scholarship program for the Tanzanian students, and hosting the short term service trips that come into the country for ministry.


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