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Mariellen shares about her recent trip to Tanzania


Short Term Missions are Selfish…but maybe that’s ok (2/16/16) If we are honest with ourselves, short term missions have become somewhat of a fad within the modern Christian church. Taking a week to drive down to Mexico to build houses, or flying to Honduras for three weeks to help start an orphanage, or maybe spending

Final Days for the Group In TZ


We woke on Saturday morning at the SCV and gathered with the children and workers for devotions at 8 am. After devotions we had a light breakfast and spent the morning on projects at the children’s home. Laurence, our TZ staff person and translator, had a test in Arusha in the morning. Warren and Sue

Safari Day 2 (Friday)


This morning we needed to be up early. Our driver, David, wanted us to be ready to go by 5:30 am so that we could be at the park gate when it opened at 6:00. After the park gate there is another hour drive up the rim of the crater and then down into it.

Safari – Day 1


Thursday morning we got up and had breakfast together. Following breakfast it was time to say good bye to the Maycrofts – not because they are leaving yet but because the rest of us are going on a 2-day safari. When we return on Friday night it is very likely that the Maycrofts will have

A Couple of Days at the SCV


The first couple of nights with our 3 new STEMM family members have gone very well.  The little boys are staying in the house with mama Reziki (and Dave and Lori are sleeping in that house as well).  The boys woke up the first morning and were playing and laughing with Reziki.  It was wonderful to

3 new boys added to the STEMM Family


Today we added 3 new boys to the STEMM family.  We have been waiting for the paper work to be completed so that we could bring our 3 boys home.  Amani, Francis and Jerry are all three-years-old.  They have been at the Cradle of Love which is licensed to house children until they are 2-years-old. 

May 2015 Our First Days In Tanzania

Monday, May 18 2015 After a couple of long plane rides, we arrived safely Thursday evening in Tanzania with most of our luggage. 2 of our 17 bags did not make it on the plane. We loaded up the vehicles and drove into Arusha. Along the way we saw a bad accident with 3 or

AMOR 2015 In Tanzania


January 1 We safely arrived in Tanzania on New Year’s Eve.  It was a long trip.  Most of us went to bed instead of watching the New Year come in.  However there were a number of fireworks shot off when the New  Year arrived. After a good night of sleep we had a good breakfast

AMOR Group 2015


There is a group from Dordt College going to Tanzania with STEMM in early January 2015.  AMOR stands for A Mission OutReach.  Please remember us in prayer so that we will experience and do what God has planned for us.



A Heart for Africa By: Lauren Kleyer (Dordt College Student and STEMM Tripster) The hand-washed hospital bed sheets, which are normally supposed to be sanitary, are set to dry on the line in the sun. Exposure to wind, dust, and bugs is not something that the staff is concerned with. This is how things are

DAY 14 IN TANZANIA – FEB 7, 2013


Today is the day we head back to the States.  We only have a few hours today to finish anything we want to do while here in Tanzania.  One of the things we choose to do is go and see Noel’s house.  The fundi informs us that it is done.  We drive over and see

DAY 13 IN TANZANIA – FEB 6, 2013


Our plans for today are to head to Arusha.  We anticipate visiting with the Faraja orphanage there.  We begin by stopping at the outdoor market.  Near there we stop at a shop and order some of the supplies.  We load those in the back of the pickup.  Then Laurence, Tom and Steve head into the

DAY 12 IN TANZANIA – FEB 5, 2013


Once again Lori and Patti are up in time to walk the children to school.  They note with sadness that they only have a couple of days left to do so.  This time Laurence takes them on a new route and they end up crossing the creek without a bridge.  There are two options: crossing

DAY 11 IN TANZANIA – FEB 4, 2013


We awake about 6 am and get ready for the day.  Patti, Lori and I walk with Mama Frida to bring Sophia and Glory to the Sisters of Mary School next to the SCV property.  When we arrive Mama Frida shows us the two “outdoor classrooms” next to the building.  The roof and walls are

DAY 10 IN TANZANIA – FEB 3, 2013


We have scheduled the taxi to pick us up at 8:30 in the morning so that we get to the airport on time.  The taxi driver is pretty sure that will be plenty early and that we won’t have a traffic jam.  We are good to have him come at that time.  We are also



This morning we are able to sleep in until 7 am.  After breakfast we spend some time talking together as a team.  The three of us were able to talk with Patti about our Safari experience.  Patti went on Safari last May – during her first trip out to Tanzania.  After that Tom, Steve and



Our second day on Safari begins at 5 am.  Our driver, Will, picks us up at 6 am and he has a box breakfast in the vehicle for later.  We have a 30 minute drive to Ngorongoro Crater Park.  After getting through the gate (where Will has to go first to one station on the

DAY 7 IN TANZANIA – JAN 31, 2013


Today Lathan, Lori and Dave begin their safari.  We are up early and on the road to Arusha around 6:30 am.  We take the Suzuki vehicle that has been loaned to us to use.  It is a small vehicle and we feel most of the bumps on the road.  Lathan is especially impressed by the



Lori and Patti once again walk some of the children to school.  Before they go Dave gets his camera out and takes a photograph of each of the children.  We have been invited to the Wiley’s for breakfast at 7:30 but the ladies and Laurence are a little late getting back (African time).  We soon



(Note: I have been a couple days behind in writing the blog.  However we went on Safari and then I went to Dar Es Salaam for two days so now I am a few more days behind!!!) The team is up early this morning and sees a beautiful Tanzanian sunrise!!   Patti and Lori leave at

DAY 4 IN TANZANIA – JAN. 28, 2013


Today we begin working on Noel’s house.  There was a wind storm that blew off the roof of the house and one of the walls collapsed.  We thought we would be rebuilding the wall but as it turns out we are going to help build a new brick home.  The home is about 10’ X

DAY 3 IN TANZANIA – JAN 27, 2013


This morning we began by packing up our bags before breakfast.  After breakfast we will leave for church at the ACC (Arush Community Church – located next to ALMC – the hospital) and we don’t plan to return here which means we won’t need to travel up this rough road again.  Yea!!  Worship begins about

DAY 2 IN TANZANIA – #2 – JAN 26, 2013


It was a treat today to sleep in and not have breakfast until 8:00!!     Imagine this Iowans:  breakfast on an outdoor patio with fresh papaya, mangos and the best pineapple you can imagine!     After devotions,   it was off to the market for more shopping for the orphanage “New Paradise.”   After doing this yesterday,  Patti and

DAY 2 IN TANZANIA – #1 – JAN 26, 2013

This morning began with breakfast a little later – 8:00 am!  What a treat to get some needed sleep.  Following breakfast and devotions Lori, Patti, Latham and Laurence headed off to the market to buy food for New Paradise Orphanage.  This is an orphanage that STEMM has brought supplies to for many years.  Tom, Steve

DAY 1 IN TANZANIA – JAN 25, 2013


Hi Everyone, We have completed our first day.  We began with breakfast at 6:30 am.  It was pretty American: eggs (fried, scrambled, omlet), bacon or sausaguage, potatoe squares, toast and fresh fruit.  It was very good.  About 7:15 am we loaded up (Tom, Dave, Lori, Patti and Latham) and went to ALMC (Arusha Lutheran Medical



Hi Everyone, We arrived safely in Tanzania. Lori and I left a little after 7 am on Wednesday and drove to Sioux Falls. We meet Latham and Patti at the airport. We flew out at 11:10 am and arrived at Minneapolis about 12:20 pm. We had a 3 hour layover during which time we ate