Meet our Educational Director

“God not only expects me to do His will, but He is in me to do it.” – Oswald Chambers

My name is Amelmal Wondimhunengn or Mel for short. I’m Ethiopian American, born in Sudan but raised in Seattle, WA. I graduated from Western Washington University in 2011. Above all, I am a servant of God, a believer, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a role model. Without God I am empty, but because of Him I stand rooted in love and courage.

Tanzania stole my heart over 3 years ago. The people changed my life. I found joy. I found peace. I found Grace. I found myself. My calling to serve the people of Tanzania was evident when I joined Peace Corps in 2013 as a Secondary English teacher. Upon the completion of my 27 months service, I joined STEMM in December 2015. As the child of immigrants and as the first college graduate in my family, hard work and determination is in my blood. Because of my personal life story, I am an advocator for higher learning. Gifting children, especially girls, in Tanzania the chance go to school, learn & advance is what drove me to STEMM.

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My prayers have been for God to mold me and to work in my life, so I can share my voice, my love, my knowledge, experiences, and His work to those around me. So it became evident that my second calling was to share the fruits of this wonderful ministry with those in need. Today and always, my life’s purpose is to serve. I find joy in service and development work.


At 27, I currently serve as the Tanzanian Educational Director for STEMM. I run a youth mentorship, scholarship and educational program that sponsors gifted (intellectually) students who suffer significant economic hardships. I currently have over 300 bright students from Secondary to University and Trade school level in my program.


With the generosity of STEMM donors, in 2016 I hosted a youth empowerment conference for 170 students. I traveled throughout the country to visit and build rapport with each and every student in the program. I interviewed and selected new students. I paid school fees, transportation cost, purchased books, provided school supplies (pens, journals, backpacks, exercise books etc.), developed a mentorship program that allows University STEMM students to mentor their younger brothers and sisters, paid for student medical expenses (attended doctor visits), coordinated a volunteer program for current and former STEMM students, I monitor and evaluate all student progress, sponsored an all girls IT seminar hosted by one of STEMM’s own and so much more. For 2017, I dedicate myself to continue changing, empowering, and improving the quality of life for all my students.

Thanks for reading my story. May God continue to bless you and your families abundantly. Moreover, I kindly request YOU the family, friends, and supporters of STEMM to keep me, my students, Tanzania, this ministry in your prayers.


– Amelmal