STEMM Starts Feeding Program

Imagine you are a mother in Tanzania sending your child off to school every morning: they leave for their journey,  often walking several miles with little or no breakfast.   They arrive at their classroom where they join their class of 60 or 70 students with one teacher conducting classes using a blackboard without any books in the classroom.  NOW – imagine your child doing this on an empty stomach and trying to succeed in this environment.

This is the reality for the majority of the students in the community of Mbguni where the SCV (STEMM Children’s Village) is located. How do you begin to offer hope and make a difference in their lives?

One step at a time . . . the first step was having degree-certified teacher Isack,  a STEMM employee, step into the school system and work part-time as an instructor and also coming alongside the teachers and offering support,  training, and much needed teaching supplies. Outside the classroom, Isack meets with many of the teachers and tutors them as they seek to increase their level of education.

The second step is seeking to address the problem of hunger. Working with the community leaders,  STEMM came alongside and  helped construct a small brick “kitchen” where women work to feed one meal a day to over 550 students who attend the Tanzanite primary school.   This is not a handout but a project that empowers the community and parents to make a difference in the lives of their children.   The community supplied the bricks ,  STEMM provided the metal and cement –  and the kitchen is complete! STEMM employes the cook and provides the oil and salt while parents of the students provide the corn and beans and a simple meal is served to the children.



This is how change happens: one simple step at a time. Does it make a difference? Read the letter that was recently sent to TZ Country Director Diane Bannister here: STEMM Feeding Program.

STEMM began working with this primary school because it is where the neediest children attend, and now STEMM is able to work with the community to feed 550 children daily.  The cost of this endeavor is $290 per month, or around $10 per day, and 550 children receive a meal to sustain them through another day. There is another school in the community that teaches 650 students that would also like to begin a feeding program . . . and our work goes on. One step at a time where God leads.IMG_1029 IMG_1030

Would you like to be part of the change? For the cost of one restaurant meal, you can feed 550 children for one day. If you’re interested, send an email to Thank you for being a part of God’s work in Tanzania.