STEMM Children’s Village Welcomes 9 New Children

The SCV (STEMM Children’s Village) has recently had the privilege of adding 9 new children to their family.  These at-risk children come from the surrounding area and each bring their own story of neglect and lack of basic care and nurturing.   Each of these precious children have now found a “home” with “brothers and sisters” and loving “Mamas” and “Aunties” who will provide them with proper food and clothing, a chance to have an education, access to proper medical care and a loving family to nurture them and raise them in a caring, Christian environment.

Each of the children in these photos now have HOPE for the future and will begin a new journey to a life of promise and opportunity. If you would like to walk along with them on this journey, you are invited to become a sponsor of one of the children shown in these photos. Beginning today, your gift of $100 per month provides the funds needed for STEMM to provide and care for these children.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact the STEMM office at 712-258-8282 for more information.