Hi Everyone, We arrived safely in Tanzania. Lori and I left a little after 7 am on Wednesday and drove to Sioux Falls. We meet Latham and Patti at the airport. We flew out at 11:10 am and arrived at Minneapolis about 12:20 pm. We had a 3 hour layover during which time we ate lunch and met Polly and her daughters. Polly’s husband, Tom, is the director in Tanzania. The girls had been home for a few weeks over the holidays. We flew out of Minneapolis a little after 3 pm. After about an 8 hour flight we arrived in Amsterdam about 6:30 am (their time – about 11:30 pm our time). There we had another 3½ hour layover. About 10 am (their time – about 3 am our time) we flew about another 9 hours to Tanzania and arrived about 8:45 pm (their time – about noon our time). We went through customs and found our bags with no problems. Tom (Polly’s husband) was waiting there for us with a couple of vehicles.

After greeting our drivers we loaded up and headed to the Maasai Safari Lodge – about an hour drive. We were warmly greeted at 10 pm and given a brief tour of our lodging.

Tom reviewed the schedule with us and we went to our rooms to try and get some sleep. I did a little unpacking in preparation for the meetings Tom had scheduled for the morning. Our first meeting was set for 7:30 am so we were up and ready for breakfast at 6:30 am. It was a short night. We are thankful for your many prayers and God’s traveling mercies. We are excited to begin to engage and build relationships with STEMM partners.