Final Days for the Group In TZ

We woke on Saturday morning at the SCV and gathered with the children and workers for devotions at 8 am. After devotions we had a light breakfast and spent the morning on projects at the children’s home. Laurence, our TZ staff person and translator, had a test in Arusha in the morning. Warren and Sue dropped Dave and Lori off in Usa River to meet with Lori Kovich early in the afternoon. Warren and Sue continued on to Arusha. Sue meet Laurence to attend a meeting on addressing the government plans to change children’s homes. Warren planned to return to Usa River to have a late lunch with Dave, Lori and Lori. However lunch was delayed due to a flat tire – the first one of the trip and only Warren was in the vehicle. The rest of us were okay with not experiencing that! The rest of the team remained at the SCV and interacted with the children and worked on projects. That evening we learned that Dr. Neil was in Moshe and would like to come out to the SCV on Sunday morning. Dr. Neil has been working on establishing an orthopedic center of excellence in TZ which would help train doctors in Africa.

Sunday morning Laurence and Dave left at 5:30 to pick up Dr. Neil and the other 2 young men with him. We returned just after children’s church began so we went right to the church. Following the service we returned to the SCV and Dave and Warren spent some time talking with our visitors. The rest of the group played games with the children. After a while, Neil presented some gifts to the SCV for the children. One of the items was a soccer ball so the 3 visitors headed off to use it with the children.

We had been invited to Sister Lydia’s at 2 pm for lunch to celebrate Pentecost. When they learned with had guests over they extended the invitation to them as well. We spent the rest of the afternoon there. They are our neighbors who are beginning a primary school where our youngest children attend.

On Monday Warren and Sue along with Dave and Lori went to Usa River to meet with Lori Kovich and interview Mel as a possible staff person with our Educational Ministry. Mel is currently finishing up her 2 year Peace Corps assignment in Tanzania. Following that we stopped at a boarding school to see their educational program. Next we went to IBEX and talked to the director. This is a ministry that trains staff for children’s homes. Our newest staff member came out of this program and we are very happy with her. After that Laurence brought the rest of the group out. Dave and Warren headed off in one vehicle for more meetings and Laurence and the ladies headed off for a shopping trip. Laurence was excited. Once again we tried to pack in a full day in town. The Tanzanian Board was able to meet via Skype so that was a real blessing. Both vehicles returned home just after dark. We normally try not to be on the roads that late but there was a lot to be done.

On Tuesday we headed off to Machame. Dave, Warren and Lori K engaged in a meeting with the director of the hospital, Bob Kasworm. The rest of the team was joined by Mr. Muro and went on 3 hospice visits. Those were special times of bringing a blessing to people who have few visitors. We were also blessed by our hosts. Dave and Warren also had the opportunity to meet with a contractor and talk about building a new guest home at the SCV. We are praying that can be built soon since we have opened house 4 for orphans. We also brought Deborah, our cook, along. Following our time in Machame, Dave, Warren, Sue and Deborah headed to Moshi to meet Dr. Neil. The rest of the team headed back to the SCV. Deborah was in an accident a couple years about and now has a stiff leg that cannot bend at the knee. Dr. Neil agreed to look at her x-ray. After reviewing it he felt that he could do a procedure to replace the knee that would enable her to use it again. No promises that the procedure could be done but at least there is hope. Many people do not have that here in Tanzania. Please pray that the procedure could be done in due time. Most likely it won’t be until the first of next year at the earliest. What a blessing to have Dr. Neil here at the same time that Deborah was cooking for the team. God’s providence was clearly seen in this encounter.

After being gone for 13 days it is time to think about returning to our “normal” lives.

Thanks for praying for us!