DAY 7 IN TANZANIA – JAN 31, 2013

Today Lathan, Lori and Dave begin their safari.  We are up early and on the road to Arusha around 6:30 am.  We take the Suzuki vehicle that has been loaned to us to use.  It is a small vehicle and we feel most of the bumps on the road.  Lathan is especially impressed by the condition of the road and the ability of the road graders – NOT!!!  We arrive at the STEMM office a little before 8.  Our Access 2 Tanzania driver arrives shortly after we do.  We transfer our belonging and we are soon on the road again.

Our driver is Will.  A little out of Arusha he pulls to the side of the road and shows us a Maasai hut in the distance.  He also tells us a little about the Maasai culture.  We journey on until we come to the Tarangire National Park.  We pause at the entrance to use the wash rooms.  Will warns us about the monkeys that we will see here at the entrance.  They can be photographed but we are informed that we must be cautious of them.  When we come out of the wash rooms Will has the top up on the Land Rover.  While we talk alongside the vehicle, Will notices a monkey trying to get in through the top.  He has to hop into the vehicle and gets out a tire iron to keep him away.  So we all enter the vehicle and Lathan takes watch while Will hops in the drivers door.  He drives us into the park.

We were blessed to see a variety of God’s creatures, including: Impala (small deer), Water Buck, White Stork, Warthog, Bat-eared Fox, Mongoose, Magpie Strike (long tailed black bird), Guineafowl, Turtle, Lions, Ostrich, Hyrax (like groundhogs), African Bush Elephants, Giraffes, Black Faced Velvet Monkey, Secretary Bird, Hooded Vulture, Tawny Eagle, and a Stork Marbou.

We enjoyed a boxed lunch of: Chapati with meat and green peppers, Mango juice, fresh fruit cup, fresh vegies cup, a slice of sweet corn cake, a piece of banana bread and 3 pieces of candy.

We stayed overnight at the Country Lodge.  It was a very nice “hotel” with little cottages that had 2 rooms per unit.  The unit Lori and I stayed in had a large bathroom, a sitting area and a large bed.  There was also a porch with a couple of chairs where we sat until it was time for supper.  Supper was served at 7:30.  We had half an avocado, lentil soup, pork, roasted potatoes, green beans, cauliflower with cheese sauce, and carmel cream for dessert.

While we were on safari Patti said she cleaned out the store room and did inventory of the medicine closet.  She cleaned it, listed the prescription drugs and noted the doses for each.  But most of all she said she played with the children.