Lori and Patti once again walk some of the children to school.  Before they go Dave gets his camera out and takes a photograph of each of the children.  We have been invited to the Wiley’s for breakfast at 7:30 but the ladies and Laurence are a little late getting back (African time).  We soon learn that there were people to talk to along the way.  Tom makes us shapatimyeye (no idea how to spell that but it is like a crepe with egg) scrambled eggs and TZ sausage.  We anticipate a goat being slaughtered at 8 am but the children keep coming by to ask us what time they are going to do it.  It must be later in the day.  Something else must have come up.

Laurence, Patti, Lori and Dave head to the work site to give the two fundis and the helper our greetings, to check on supplies that need to be ordered and delivered.  They are making great progress and will soon be out of supplies.  Laurence will take care of ordering them later today.  Lori and Patti find a number of little ones around and hand out candy and some of the pillow case dresses that have  been donated.  They also find out the “older ones” also like a little candy.

We anticipate meeting with an education official at 10 am so we had back to the SCV.  However the official calls and cancels the meeting – something else has come up.

We have been watching the farmers plow the fields at the SCV with oxen.  Then they remove the weeds by hand.  The suggestion has been made to try and make a “drag” with a piece of chain-link fence.  The oxen pull it along and it seems to go okay.  The weeds are not pulled out but covered over.  The field is “leveled.”  Lathan helps direct the project.  As he put it:  “I must have raised my voice  because pretty soon the guys called the women out of the house to translate what I was trying to tell them.”  All in all it seemed to work pretty well.

Since the official cancelled the meeting we thought we would walk to town (Mbuguni) and visit the clinic and deliver the medical supplies that we had for them.  Steve led the way and introduced us to the doctor.  He gave us a brief tour.  A small medical facility where they try and help the local people who are quite poor.  We also learn during the tour that the doctor also serves as a dentist.  However he does not have any equipment for filling teeth – only pulling them.  Doesn’t that sound like a fun visit to the dentist?!!

This is our first walk to town and we stop at a shop where the Meyers know the owner who is a Christian.  We visit while we enjoy a soda and learn more about the community.  From there we walk through the town square which is being set up as a market.  It has not been there before so this is a new thing.  It is pretty small yet but we meet some interesting people.

After a lunch of butternut squash soup and rolls a big wind storm rolls through.  The dust fills the air and finds its way into our house even after we closed the windows.  The difficult thing with closing the windows is the temperature – it is hot!  We were enjoying the breeze before it picked up to a powerful wind.  Now it is hot inside.  No A/C here!  However it isn’t too long and the wind backs down enough to open the windows once again.  We are hoping there will also be a little rain with the wind.

Some of the children received new pajamas and did a “happy dance” for Lori and Patti.  It is fun to see their excitement over such a small gift!

After the wind lays down a bit, Steve, Tom and Dave head over to the local schools to briefly visit with the children.  They bring along some pencils and the children gladly receive the gift.  They also seem pleased to use a little bit of English and listen politely as we encourage them in their studies.  It is amazing how many children are in each class room!  There is certainly room to come along side these school with assistance!

The remainder of the day is spent working on blogs, e-mails and plans for the remainder of our time here.  Lathan, Lori and Dave also pack for going on Safari tomorrow.  They need to be up and on the road by 6:30 am in order to meet the Access 2 Tanzania vehicle at the office in Arusha by 8 am.  They have scheduled a 2 day safari.