DAY 2 IN TANZANIA – #1 – JAN 26, 2013

This morning began with breakfast a little later – 8:00 am!  What a treat to get some needed sleep.  Following breakfast and devotions Lori, Patti, Latham and Laurence headed off to the market to buy food for New Paradise Orphanage.  This is an orphanage that STEMM has brought supplies to for many years.  Tom, Steve and I went to meet with Charity who is part of the Rotary organization in Tanzania.  We had a wonderful visit and she also invited us to join in on a monthly meeting on Thursday, February 7, at 6:30 pm.  That may work for Steve and Tom but I plan to be at the airport about that time in order to get the value out of the airline ticket with my name.  We are talking to the Rotary Organization about helping to fund the drilling of a well for farming the land around the orphanage.

Following that we drove down to look for an electrical invertor.  Something interesting about the stores in Tanzania: they may be a hardware store but that doesn’t mean they will have what you are looking for.  Most of the stores are more of what I would call small shops.  At one store the clerk thought he had one in his other place.  It would only take about 15 minutes for him to go get it and let us see it.  Tom was pretty sure, given the price, that he was not talking about what we wanted to buy.  So we walked down the road a bit farther and asked at another hardware store.  There we did find what we were looking for.

Once again we got back in the vehicle and went to meet up with the other two vehicles (Lori, Patti, Latham and Laurence and also Polly and Dana with the children) in order to head to New Paradise Orphanage.  Patti had her Sunday School children draw pictures for the orphans and they in turn drew pictures to send back with Patti for her class.  We visited with the couple running the orphanage and received a tour.  After a number of pictures it was time to load up and head out once again.  We went to a “not slow”(they say you can’t call it “fast food” but it is quicker than many Tanzania restaurants.

After lunch we went across the street to change money in anticipation of doing a little shopping in the market.  $100 US dollars equals $322,400 shillings.  Wow, suddenly I feel like I have a whole lot of money!  It is a short walk to the market to see if we can get rid of some of it.  After walking down a couple of rows of shops we decide to hang on to our money for a while and anticipate returning at a future date.  However one of the group who is slightly more experienced (Patti) was able to make a few purchases.

After that we headed over to the STEMM office in Arusha to see what that is all about.  It seems like a great place.  There is a room for the office and a couple of rooms with beds that can be used as needed for when someone needs to be in Arusha later in the day so that they don’t need to drive back in the dark (something that is avoided!).  Tom and his family are using that for last night and tonight.

We then returned to the Lodge for a little free time before we went to supper.  We met up at the Imperial Hotel for our meal.  We also had a number of guests join us: Eric, Humphrey,  Hondo and Judith, and Erwin and Angelica.  There were a lot of inter-connections at the table and it was fun to meet these folks.  Following our leisurely meal we headed back to our rooms.

Tomorrow we anticipate worshiping in Arusha and then heading off to the SCV (STEMM Children’s Village).  I am anxious to get out there and see what we have already developed, meet the children and staff, and get an idea of the future plans we have for that place.

Once again we thank the Lord for the people we could meet, for the health we enjoy and for the activities of the day.  Now it is time to rest in anticipation of worship tomorrow.