DAY 14 IN TANZANIA – FEB 7, 2013

Today is the day we head back to the States.  We only have a few hours today to finish anything we want to do while here in Tanzania.  One of the things we choose to do is go and see Noel’s house.  The fundi informs us that it is done.  We drive over and see the completed project.  Noel is happy!  We talk a bit about the house and the plans for the old house.  We wonder if it couldn’t be used for something.  Then we do a closer inspection and notice the wall that is broken is very unstable.  We also notice the back corner has a crack all the way down it.  It doesn’t appear that it would be wise to leave it standing.

We take a few pictures and then head back to the SCV.  There we notice that the turkey coop is coming along nicely.  One of the farm workers, Frank, is there working on it.  I take his picture by his request.  Even though I don’t speak his language nor he mine, I pretty well figure out that he would like a copy of the picture just like the other workers received.  I try to explain that I don’t have the ability but will ask Dana.  I kind of wonder what I have begun.  Lathan heads back out to the field to check on the progress of his seeds.  He comes back to show us how the seed has sprouted and if we stayed another day he is sure they would have pushed through.  He has his picture taken with the workers.  They would like a copy of that as well.  I make the requests known to Dana and express my concern that I may have begun something that I won’t have to live with because I am heading home.  She isn’t worried about it and plans to make copies.  She also offers to make copies of other pictures for an album we can leave with the children at the SCV if we would like.

Lori and Patti head over to the school in Mbuguni to “teach a class.”  They help the children learn a little more English (since they don’t know Swahili) and they sing a few songs together.  Laurence has gone with them to help translate.  As they return they come upon a town meeting.  Laurence is able to address that group and to listen in as the leaders discuss some of the items from our meeting with the.  It sounds like a good meeting.

I invite Patti and Lori to review the pictures I have taken and select which ones they think would be good to go in the album for the children.   After lunch I bring the flash-drive with the pictures over to Dana.

About 3 pm, Steve and Tom head to Arusha.  Charity extended an invitation to be part of a business meeting where they would be able to briefly introduce STEMM.  After the meeting they would be able to visit with some of the business folks that attend.  It was a generous offer that we hope will bear fruit.

The team members begin to take their showers and pack up.  After my shower I remember that Heidi asked for a video of the SCV if I could do that.  I have taken a “flip” camera along and decide I should attempt to take some footage of the facility.  I walk around and the workers talk to me as I go.  It should be interesting to listen to it when I finish.  I also notice the dust I am kicking up as I walk so I take a little footage of that as well.  I plan to wear these shoes home so that might not have been the best choice.

About 5 pm we gather for a light supper with Polly and the girls.  At 5:30 our driver from Access 2 Tanzania arrives to take us to the airport.  One more trip down the bumpy road!  We say goodbye to the children and staff, to Laurence, Polly and the girls.  We load our luggage into the vehicle and we are on our way home!

We were blessed to have been here.  We learned a lot.  We meet a lot of people.  We see a lot of opportunity to bless others in the name of Jesus.  Now we head home to reflect on what we have experienced and seek the Lord’s guidance in what comes next.