DAY 13 IN TANZANIA – FEB 6, 2013

Our plans for today are to head to Arusha.  We anticipate visiting with the Faraja orphanage there.  We begin by stopping at the outdoor market.  Near there we stop at a shop and order some of the supplies.  We load those in the back of the pickup.  Then Laurence, Tom and Steve head into the open market to pick up more supplies.  Pretty soon a couple of guys come out carrying the supplies that have been purchased.  They are loaded in the pickup and we head off to the Faraja orphanage.  We are warmly greeted there and we unload the supplies.  We sign their guest book and look over the small facility.  The children are in class and we disrupt them for a few moments.

Next we head over to New Life School to meet with James.  We have met Hondo (or Ondo – there is uncertainty as to whether there is an “H” at the beginning of his name) last Saturday night.  He and James are part of a band that raise funds to support this school and also to minister to youth.  We visit with the headmaster of the school while we wait for James to arrive.  After signing the guest book and visiting in his office for a bit, he takes us to view the new facility that is under construction.  While we are looking around James arrives.  We go out to greet him and visit for a while.

As we prepare to leave someone points out that the back tire on the pickup looks a lot soft.  We recognize the best course of action is to change it.  We drop the spare and discover that doesn’t have much air in it either.  James graciously allows us to use his spare.  While we are doing that the Wileys head off to take care of other business.  We will meet up again at the Cultural Heritage Center.  After the tire is changed, we head to the Cultural Heritage Center.  Tom has dropped Patti and his girls off there.  Steve drops us off and he and Laurence head to a place that repairs tires.  We spend some time shopping while we wait.

Pretty soon Wileys and Steve and Laurence join us again.  We need to decide how best to spend the rest of our time in Arusha.  Wileys have a few other things they need to do and then they will head back to SCV.  We plan to stop at the alley and buy a couple more items and then have lunch while Steve runs to the travel agency.  After lunch we head to a grocery stop to pick up a few things.  While we are in there it begins to rain.  With 5 of us in the pickup there isn’t room for groceries in the cab so we wait out the rain.  Steve has another stop to make so the four of us wait at the store for him to return.  After the rain lets up, Steve returns and we load up the supplies.

Our next stop is to look at Tanzanite.  Steve and Dave drop off the others and then head off to pick up the repaired tire.  The traffic is backed up in the other direction.  After the tire is repaired we will be part of that line of traffic.  Soon the spare is back in place for future use and the repaired tire is in place.  We return to pick up the other three and head back to the SCV.  We arrive at dusk.

Supper is fried chicken and rice.  After supper Dave spends a bit more time with Tom recognizing that tomorrow evening we leave.