DAY 11 IN TANZANIA – FEB 4, 2013

We awake about 6 am and get ready for the day.  Patti, Lori and I walk with Mama Frida to bring Sophia and Glory to the Sisters of Mary School next to the SCV property.  When we arrive Mama Frida shows us the two “outdoor classrooms” next to the building.  The roof and walls are made of rough cut boards.  The girls put their backpacks there and we go to the front of the building.  The staff gathers the students together in a large circle and they sing a few songs to welcome us.  The four of us return to the SCV.

Our plan for today is to work on the turkey coop.  I also have plans to work on the budget with Tom and Steve this afternoon.  The budget is something the board back home wants us to do before returning home.  However the fundi does not show up today to guide us in working on the turkey coop.  That gives me some time to do some paper work and summarize some of the meetings we have had.  One area I especially wanted to work on was a summary of our meeting with TAHA.  There were some things that they agreed to do and that we agreed to do and I wanted to get that in writing so there would be clarity about that.

Lathan is busy working with Steve and the farm workers preparing a field to plant soybeans and sunflowers.  They are also working to set up a small irrigation system to see how these plants will grow if they are able to receive water.  Lathan has high hopes of seeing the seeds sprout before we leave for the States.

We decide to take a ride over to Noel’s house to see how that is coming along.  The walls are up and there is a cement cap all the way around.  A few more bricks will be laid on top of one side in order to set the roof on it with a slope.  Material needs to be ordered for the roof – 2X4s and tin.  Noel hopes to build a little storage area off the house later.  He wonders if it is alright for him to have the used nails.  Tom informs him that he may have them as well as any leftover material – bricks and boards.  The neighbor wants his boards returned – the ones used to frame in for the cement cap.  He expects a little more compensation than Noel expected so that needs to be negotiated.  Tom calls back to the SCV for someone to help with the language barrier.  Lori and Patti don’t seem to have any problem with that – they had out tootsie rolls!

About mid-morning Lori and Patti learn that they can help with the turkey coop by hauling bricks from the driveway (where the delivery guys dumped them) over to the place where the turkey coop will be built.  Today it is very hot out in the sun.  They did a few loads and then took a break for some “magi” (water)!  Some days it isn’t bad to have “paperwork” to do.  J

Lunch consisted of sloppy Joes, fries and vegetables-tomato soup.  After lunch the girls stated hauling the bricks again.  Pretty soon they spotted the pickup truck and thought that would work even better than a wheel-barrow.  One of the farm workers came over and gave them a hand.  Soon the children returned home from school and Patti and Lori were spending time with them.

Dave, Tom and Steve worked on the budget for a few hours.  Of course the conversation never stayed simply on figures.  Those figures always represent ministry and that often led into a conversation about the various ministries – what we were doing, plan to do, or could be doing.  We got about a third of the way through the budget but had some great discussions along the way.

Late afternoon we loaded up into the two vehicles and headed off to visit Momma Dora – she is the mother of Vickie, Sophia and Lucy.  She has other older children as well.  When we arrived the neighbors brought over “chairs” for us to sit on while we visited.  There were a lot of children who came over to see the white folks.  Momma Dora is HIV positive.  Her husband is gone.  She seems to be doing fairly well with the medication she is receiving.  We saw her two room hut.  She seemed happy that we came to visit.

On the way home we saw a Massai compound and Laurence felt we could stop by and say hi.  They were very friendly and one of them showed us the inside of their home.  It is a round structure with a thatched roof.  Inside was divided into a center room (think of a living room) and storage/sleeping areas around the outer wall.  When we came out I took a picture of them and another member of the extended family seemed pretty upset.  I learned she wanted money for taking the picture.  Tom gave her some.  Later, the matriarch had a few words with her and explained that we were not tourist but neighbors.  She gave Tom the money back.  A couple of the men wanted to go to town so we gave them a ride in the back of the pickup.

We returned to SCV and had a supper of grilled pork chops, garlic bread, rice and beans.  Once again we had our evening devotions together and then headed off to bed.  It is different having supper so late in the day.