DAY 10 IN TANZANIA – FEB 3, 2013

We have scheduled the taxi to pick us up at 8:30 in the morning so that we get to the airport on time.  The taxi driver is pretty sure that will be plenty early and that we won’t have a traffic jam.  We are good to have him come at that time.  We are also aware of a State Department notice that there is a planned demonstration scheduled in Dar for the afternoon by the Muslums who feel they are not being treated fairly.  We would rather not get caught up in that so we don’t mind getting to the airport a little earlier.

The rest of the team along with the Wileys, Meyers and children walk to the neighboring Lutheran Church for Worship.  The STEMM children sing “Allelu” and “Father Abraham” for the congregation.  After lunch the team spent some time playing with the children.  One of the events was a soccer game which ended in a 3-3 tie (imagine that!) and tired team members.

Steve, Tom and I arrive back at the Kilimanjaro airport a little after noon.  We travel over to meet with Bob Kasworm at the Machame Lutheran Hospital in Moshi.  There is the possibility of joint ministry here in the future.  We are also given a tour and see the orthopedic wing that has been developed.  Bob informs us that they are beginning a program to train nurses.  We get a look at the outside of the dorms as well as see the new classroom building that is being constructed.  We are interested in the contractor as we consider the expansion at the orphanage.

Following our time with Bob we plan to meet Marty Malley from Opportunity Education Foundation.  That is an organization based in Omaha that we might be able to either partner with in Mbuguni or learn a few things from.  As it turns out Marty is in Moshi so this is a great opportunity to at least say hi.  Bob informs us that he can’t explain how to get to the church where we believe we will meet Marty.  There are no road signs nor is there a road system that is laid out like any kind of grid work.  Bob suggest we hire a guide to bring us out there.  We agree and Bob lines up a person for us.  Soon we understand the need for someone who knows the way.  After a few minutes we are at a church.  The problem is Marty isn’t there.  After a few minutes we are able to contact him by phone.  He is returning from an outing and should be back in about 15 minutes.  After a while we receive a phone call from him wondering which church we are at.  Soon we are back on the road and after a few turns we see his vehicle.  We follow him to the house where he is staying.  We enjoy our visit together and exchange contact information.

We had planned one more visit yet for today but decide that we are fast running out of daylight.  We opt to return to the SCV before it is dark.  It is good to see family and friends again.  After a supper of roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots and peppers we gather for a time of devotions focused on the different parts of the body of Christ.  We recognize we each have different gifts and abilities and have been able to use them in different areas while we are here.