AMOR 2015 In Tanzania

January 1

We safely arrived in Tanzania on New Year’s Eve.  It was a long trip.  Most of us went to bed instead of watching the New Year come in.  However there were a number of fireworks shot off when the New  Year arrived.

After a good night of sleep we had a good breakfast and time of reflection.  Following that we did a driving tour of Arusha since there was not a lot open on the holiday.  After that we drove out to the STEMM Children’s Village (SCV) and unloaded all the luggage.  It is such a blessing to have a group come out and bring supplies for the children and staff.

After a lunch of sandwiches (tuna, egg salad, and/or peanut butter and jelly), chips and fruit we received a tour of the grounds and received our room assignments for sleeping.

We have a little adjustment to make with the weather.  It was about 10 degrees below zero when we left Sioux Falls.  It  is about 100 degrees here in Mbuguni!

We have been introduced to the children and staff here and also celebrated Laurence’s birthday.   The team was able to start working on fixing up the chicken coop as well as do some prep work for the carnival.

We had a wonderful supper of spaghetti, fruit salad and watermelon.  The evening seemed to come quickly because the sun sets around 6:30.  The evening brings with it a little cooler temperature which is a welcome relief from the heat.  Jet lag, warm weather and full stomachs make for heavy eyes.

God has blessed us with good travel, good relationships and good attitudes.  We are anxious to see what God will bring us tomorrow.

Thanks for remembering us in your prayers.

You can see some photos from our current group on the Dordt College Facebook page!