A Couple of Days at the SCV

The first couple of nights with our 3 new STEMM family members have gone very well.  The little boys are staying in the house with mama Reziki (and Dave and Lori are sleeping in that house as well).  The boys woke up the first morning and were playing and laughing with Reziki.  It was wonderful to hear them enjoying themselves.  They are a little quiet when they go outside by the other children or adults.  We brought them to morning devotions and introduced them to the farm workers as well.  We are thankful to God for bringing them to the STEMM family.  They are a wonderful addition.

After devotions with the staff our group gathered for breakfast and then headed over to the primary school across the street.  Laurence came along and introduced us and had a wonderful time asking the school children who was Lori’s sister and Dave’s daughter and daughter-in-law.  It was sad to see how many children are in each class room and the lack of resources they have for learning.  The rest of the day we spent working around the SCV.  We worked in the storage room, worked on taking pictures to help the children learn the English terms and opposites and watched as the boys played soccer.  Kyle spent some time on electrical issues and taking notes to help the STEMM board in the USA.  This was the first evening that the group was able to play cards with Sue before heading off to bed.

On Wednesday we began with devotions and then walked over to visit Sister Lydia’s school.  It was good to see how their school is growing and developing.  Sister Lydia has a lot of plans but the funding has not come through for adding another class next year.  She has faith that God will provide it.  Kyle spent time with electrical repairs.  The others in the group spent time cleaning up the storage room, the classroom and the library.  The younger members of the group worked on the computers in the library.  Unfortunately the educational material we were hoping to receive via the internet did not work well due to poor internet connections.  We determined it will be better to download material on a flash drive in the USA and send it over.  Dave, Sue, Warren, Laurence, Nancy and Robert went to see the Mbuguni Secondary school where STEMM donated some of the materials needed to meet the government mandate of developing science class room.  They don’t have money for supplies but they have the rooms.  It is that way in many communities.  The government demands that they pay to build the rooms but they cannot afford to staff them with teachers or supply them with materials for learning.  On the way back we stopped at the market in Mbuguni and picked up a few supplies.  The rest of the group walked down later in the day to experience the open air market.

Tomorrow 6 of the team plan to leave on safari for 2 days.  That will give the Maycrofts an opportunity to visit with the Westvigs without the group around.  They will have two days to visit and then the Maycrofts head home on Friday evening.  Please remember them in your prayers as they travel home.  It has been a real blessing to have them out here and to have Kyle look at the electrical systems.  Baby Moses has done a great job of adjusting to the new setting but he occasionally reminds us of his presence.  He is the center of attraction if Tamara brings him to the market or some other public setting.  He draws children to him who make comments and laugh – which makes us wonder what they are saying and laughing about.  In the market we met an elderly lady who said she did not have any food and wanted money.  When Laurence said he would buy her some food, she was not happy.  She wanted the money.  Laurence was kind enough to still buy her some food even though she was not happy.

We are looking to replace the SCV vehicle and a friend, Willy, drove a Land Cruiser out for us to look at.  We appreciated the opportunity to see it but it did not look like much of an upgrade over the vehicle we currently have.  He has given us the idea of what vehicles are selling for so that was helpful.  Deborah, our cook, continues to do a fantastic job of feeding us wonderful meals.  She shared her story with us.  When she was younger, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  However her family was Muslim and her mother kicked her out of the house.  She has faced many challenges but has a wonderful attitude.  She asks how she can complain because God has promised to provide for her and to complain would mean that she doesn’t accept that God has provided what she needs for each day.  Her husband left her with 2 young boys.  She was a cook at the United Nations building and then at a lodge.  While working there, she was called to come into work and got a ride on the back of a motorcycle.  A mini van hit them from the back and all she remembers is waking up in the hospital with a badly broken leg.  Still she continues to have a good attitude even though she now walks with a limp.  She is a real joy to have around and prepares wonderful meals.

For devotions with the staff we began by focusing on Jesus’ call to “follow him” and be his disciples.  Then we looked at Ephesians 5 beginning with verse 21 where we are called to submit to one another within the context of various relationships.  That lead to a great time of discussion and interaction until it was time to head off to the fields or to Sister Lydia’s school.  Continue to pray for our workers – that the believers will grow in their faith and that those who don’t yet believe in Jesus will come to a saving faith.