Spiritual Ministry

STEMM’s Vision is to transform the country of Tanzania into a VIBRANT CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible!

We go about working toward this goal by being the hands, the feet, and the face of Jesus in our work in Tanzania. We take literally the promise of Jesus that “as you have done it unto the least of these …you have done it unto Me!” It’s not about getting in people’s faces and preaching to them, but rather it’s that cup of cold water given in Jesus’ name.

There are so many opportunities to minister. Orphans are everywhere. Single moms wonder where the next meal is coming from. Families are torn apart everyday through the horrific HIV/AIDS crisis. Children die from a lack of simple antibiotics. Street kids don’t have a chance. The needs are great!

Each year STEMM sponsors a Bible Party for their students. It is a very humbling experience in that many of these young people literally hug the Bible and say “this is the very first book that I own”. These Bibles are cherished and shared with their families.

Also, STEMM has worked with volunteers to develop a Children’s Bible Story Book that is written in both English and Swahili. It is through the reading of these Bible Stories that opens the door for many volunteers to share their own Christian walk.

STEMM Teams take these needs seriously. They cannot do something for everyone, but they do what they can by sharing their time, their resources, their love and their care – all in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

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