June 2016 Trip

Dr. Steve Meyer will be leading a medical team to Tanzania June 14-24. While the team is there, they hope to complete some surgeries at the Machame hospital in addition to an exploratory trip of Babati, Heydem, and Singida to figure out what they have for medical centers.

Dr. Meyer also plans to meet with Doug VandeWeede, a financial planner from Des Moines, to discuss utilizing the agricultural potential of STEMM Children’s Village for community development.

The team will also take time to thank those who have worked on the Mission Support Center and take the opportunity to show partners and community leaders what STEMM is working on.

The team who will be going is listed below:
Dr. Steve MeyerDr. Mark Meyer (Opthamologist) and son Matthew Meyer (pre-med student)
Dr. Kevin Rier (Urologist) and son Alex Rier (pre-med student)
Libby Kestel (Head of Physical Therapy at the University of Iowa)
Madison Agey (healthcare professional)
Anthony Schneider (pre-med student)