God is so good.

Life isn’t always easy, but there is always triumph in tragedy! (Rom 8:28) This story isn’t easy to believe. In fact, it’s beyond my comprehension. But this is a true and epic tale of profound joy, immeasurable victory, and Almighty God’s eternal presence in our lives. In this story, and ultimately in life, our loving Father always prevails. Wherever you are in your journey, He has a plan for you (Jer 29:11). A script for your entire life has already been written, and your purpose awaits. We spend so much of our lives avoiding pain. We gravitate toward routine and avert chaos as much as we can, because that feels safe and in control.  However, when we do this, we miss the thrill of seeing God come through. We miss out on God’s glory, His control and His divine plan. For you.
We have a nonlinear God. His grand design for you is like the back of a needlepoint, chaotic and confusing and frustrating, indeed. But when the tapestry is finished, and you turn the needlepoint around to see it all come together, it’s a beautiful masterpiece. In the end, your life is that same kind of masterpiece, created just for you! Don’t you want to be a part of that unique experience in fulfilling your role for God’s Kingdom? No one else can be you. No one but YOU can do what God has ordained you to do. You are not irrelevant in His Kingdom!  Rather, you are highly relevant and cherished by God, so much that He sent His only Son to die for you and His Holy Spirit to work in your heart. What you have to do is remarkably elementary.

Just say YES!

This book is about a lot of yeses. To get to where we are today, many of us had to say YES to many small things—even when we didn’t want to—and we had to give God room to show up in a big way.  He did. He continues to today. You’ll see.  Unfortunately, we have so much noise in our lives these days that it’s challenging to make time for our Father and to invite Him into our hearts. Saying YES has become more and more difficult. We have also become so self-reliant and narcissistic that we don’t even want to accept the Spirit trying to work within us—we want to be in control, remember?

I understand that more than anyone. Even as I tell this story today, I am still a sinner in need of God’s grace. But that doesn’t stop me from talking with Him, listening for my calling and obeying His plan for me. I try every day, and you are given that choice, too. Don’t be afraid to fail. Our loving Father looks to the heart of what we do. He honors effort and intention, not success. The greatest misstep in His Kingdom is sitting still. Despite egos and pride, we all have a tremendous hunger to connect and to be a part of the eternal story. But that satisfaction is only met if we choose to serve Him first. Only then can our role take effect. Regardless of your role, you are not an observer. You are an active participant in God’s story, and He loves you so profoundly and wants you to make a difference in His Kingdom.

He wants you to shine.

Invite the fear, embrace the chaos, and trust completely in Him. In this story, three beautiful children affect the hearts and lives of an entire nation, and as you read, you will discover that their journey is beyond evidential that God has a plan indeed. He had a purpose for everything that happened, and even as it seemed impossible, God kept prevailing. I’m humbled to share this incredible story with you. My prayer is for you to feel empowered, challenged, and CHOSEN. I hope that you renounce any skepticism in your heart and instead embrace the possibility of complete
transformation. If God can positively transform a struggling nation through heartbreaking tragedy, He can surely stir enough in your heart to believe in His will.  He desperately desires to get your attention, and I hope this does. Do not be overwhelmed. Take heed, but know that this story and God’s work is not bigger than you. God’s power is accessible to all, any time, every day. Right now.
With man, it’s impossible, but with God, all things are possible. Most certainly, a transformation within you.

To our great and loving Father, this glory is all for You.



As mayor of Sioux City, Iowa, I often brag about the giving nature of the people of our city. Their caring attitude was once again shown when we had the opportunity to host the kids from Tanzania. The Tanzanian kids won the hearts of our citizens and our citizens were blessed by their presence in our community.  I personally had the chance to interact with them four times and every time they had smiles on their faces. I often think about how spoiled we are in this country and I am sure most Americans would not have been as joyful under the same circumstances.
I am so thankful that these kids from Tanzania came to our community and had such an impact on our citizens.
-Bob Scott, Mayor of Sioux City

The story of the Miracle Kids is truly incredible. It shows that miracles do, indeed, happen.
-Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Being intimately involved in the miracle kids story has transformed my life and given me a whole new perspective on miracles. Reading this amazing story will do the same thing for you.
-Steve King, 14-year Congressman – Iowa 4th District

My work with medical missions began also in 1994, and I have seen the profound effect on people of unconditional giving. This is the penultimate story of the goodness of people multiplied by being touched by God. Its joy will lift your heart to new levels.
-Lawrence D. Dorr, M.D., Founder – Operation Walk

Dr. Meyer’s remarkable story of the rescue, transport, and improbable medical recovery of the Tanzanian “Miracle Kids” is a testament to individual determination and, ultimately, a tribute to human compassion. Perhaps most importantly, it is also a timeless reminder that, regardless of country, color, or creed, we are all God’s children.
-Chris McGowan, President, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce