New US Executive Director’s Message

September 10, 2018

Open Doors and Answering the Call

“Answer the Call”, the theme of Dr. Steve Meyer’s book is about ordinary people whose trust and faith in God’s power allowed them to do His work.  It was an open door that the team walked through and God blessed that journey.

God comes to us and opens doors when we least expect it.  My late husband, Rick was not going to church when we married in 1976.   I prayed for him daily and in 1980 a Vicar come to our church and took Rick to be a counselor at a Camp Okoboji for youth week.  When Rick returned home, he said, “I want to be a Pastor.”  At that moment God was opening a door which I tried to promptly shut!  I received wise counsel from our Pastor who said pray about this and you will see what God wants for your life.   Prayerful consideration was done and God continued to open that door and call us to minister to His people.   Rick was a Lutheran Pastor and I a Pastor’s wife for 13 years until God called Rick to his heavenly home in 1999.   What a blessing those 13 years were and I am thankful God opened that door for us to serve.

In June of this year as I was thinking about retirement in October, God opened another door when I was approached by Dr. Meyer about the possibility of working for STEMM.  This time I didn’t try to close the door.  With prayerful consideration, I am keeping this door open to be the Director.   It is an opportunity along with many others to serve God as we serve the Tanzanian people.

God is constantly working in our lives. When we are in need, God sends our brothers and sisters in Christ to provide us help.  We in turn show God’s love to our neighbors.   The Lord provides for you and calls you to provide for others. God has given us Jesus for our eternal salvation which is a great gift and a blessing.  So because of that gift we are to be a blessing to others both here and in the world.   The work of STEMM does just that and it is changing lives for Christ through compassionate care in Tanzania.

So what door is God opening for you and what is He calling you to do?   At STEMM there are many opportunities to answer the call.  You can volunteer for a committee, go on a mission trip, support the work of STEMM financially.  Contact the STEMM office for more information.

I am so excited to start this journey through this open door.   May God bless you as you consider the many ways you can “Answer the Call” with STEMM.

~Michele Dettmann